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When do you charge an electric vehicle?

The lithium-ion battery by Renault You can charge your Renault electric car any time! In fact, the lithium-ion battery installed in all our electric vehicles has no memory effect and can be charged at any time, no matter how much driving range is left. With this battery, you can even drive in temperatures ranging from -10 °C to 40 °C!

How do you charge an electric vehicle at home?

There are a whole range of options for recharging your electric vehicle at home. You can charge your electric vehicle at home by installing a home wallbox. All of our electric cars and vans will charge from 0-100% overnight from a 7kW wall box^, so enjoy your evening, go to bed and wake up to a fully charged Renault!

What happens if I charge the battery daily even though it’s not empty?

Batteries with no memory effect The new lithium-ion batteries in Renault Z.E. vehicles have no memory effect. They can be partially charged at any time without prematurely deteriorating performance. Lithium-ion technology is now the most efficient on the market: its high energy density allows more Wh per kg to be stored for optimised driving range. There are no restrictions on charging, and you can charge the battery even if it is not completely empty.

Does the battery lose charge if you don’t charge your car?

A stable battery charge The battery's daily discharge rate is too low to be significant. It would take several weeks of inactivity to see a significant loss of charge.

What are the arrangements for charging in a Renault dealership?

Renault charging stations Most of the Renault sales network is equipped with quick-charge stations in their car parks (with power of 22 kW per charge point).

Why purchase a Renault electric vehicle?

A zero emissions car. Reduce local air pollution and save money with a Renault electric vehicle. In addition to producing zero emissions whilst driving, your Renault electric vehicle also reduces noise pollution, making out cities a much more pleasant environment to live and work in. Renault Z.E. vehicles also benefit from an 8-year battery warranty and 5-year vehicle warranty, giving drivers peace of mind.

What advantages does an electric vehicle offer in terms of maintenance?

Reduced maintenance costs. As an electric car has hundreds of fewer mechanical parts, servicing an electric vehicle is more simple and affordable compared to a fuel-powered one. No oil changes, new clutches or spark plugs are required, and drivers also benefit from less frequent brake pad changes due to the regenerative braking taking the strain off the wheel brakes.

Is a hybrid car more fun to drive?

The smooth electric ride. With a fully electric start-up and energy recovery optimisation technology, Renault hybrid vehicles have been developed to drive as far as possible in electric mode and to create quieter journeys. E-TECH technology adds some kick to your accelerations and makes maneuvering a breeze, for optimum comfort and handling. They are also equipped with an automatic gearbox that controls the gears as well as the alternation between traction modes so that you can focus on the road ahead.

Can you choose when you want to drive in electric or petrol mode with a hybrid car?

Smart switchover. The switch allows the driver to go from hybrid to electric mode when the battery is sufficiently charged. The automatic gearbox in hybrid vehicles not only shifts gears but also switches from hybrid to electric mode based on two criteria: pressing down the accelerator and the battery’s charge level. The car starts up in electric mode automatically and stays in this mode up until a speed between 43mph and 80mph. If additional power is needed, or if the battery’s charge is too low, then the car will activate the combustion engine.

What makes up the powertrain in my hybrid vehicle?

A combination of one combustion engine and two electric motors. Renault hybrid vehicles have a 1.6-L petrol engine paired with two electric engines – an alternator and a traction motor – as well as a 200V battery. E-TECH draws on the brand’s expertise in electric technology to offer a selection of electrically-powered vehicles. With innovative energy recovery technology, it expands the range of possibilities for electric driving.

Do you need to charge the battery in a hybrid vehicle?

Get the benefits of electric without having to plug in your car! E-TECH hybrid vehicles are equipped with an electric battery that recharges itself using kinetic energy. When decelerating and braking, the electric engine actually captures the driving force and stores it to recharge the battery. In some cases, the combustion engine generates energy that powers the battery.



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