All-New CAPTUR E-TECH Hybrid

CAPTUR now available with an E-TECH HYBRID powertrain!
All-New CAPTUR coming as a Hybrid in 2021

All the benefits of CAPTUR, and more
Already available as a Plug-in Hybrid, All-New CAPTUR will be available as a Hybrid in 2021. Stylish and practical, All-New CAPTUR E-TECH Hybrid benefits from our decade-long expertise in electric vehicles to offer an innovative hybrid powertrain.

Hybrid efficiency
All-New CAPTUR E-TECH Hybrid delivers a high fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emission. Depending on driving conditions this versatile package switches between electric, petrol or hybrid power to reduce fuel consumption. The clever E-TECH hybrid system is built to maximise 100% electric driving and recharges the battery through regenerative braking.

Experience new driving sensations
Experience a smooth, silent driving experience with the E-TECH Hybrid technology. All-New CAPTUR E-TECH Hybrid combines the benefits of driving an automatic with the added comfort and responsiveness of driving an electric car.

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