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When you buy a Renault car from Platinum Renault you will benefit from a service designed to ensure safer travelling and keep unforeseen expenses at bay.

It is really important to make sure your Renault is serviced according to the manufacturers’ service schedule which will not only safeguard your vehicle’s performance, but will also enhance the resale value of your vehicle by having a full Renault service history.




 FROM £199

Brake pads & discs


FROM £209



 FROM £40*

Car Servicing

car servicing

 FROM £129

Renault Service Offers - Based on Cars over 4 years
Essential Service From £129

The Essential Service includes all the key safety checks to ensure your Renault is optimum condition, Castrol oil and oil filter replacement, any outstanding performance enhancement upgrades, a vehicle health check and a wash and vac. We recommend this is performed every 12 months.

Full Service From £179

The Full Service includes everything within the Essential Service but with key additional items including a cabin filter replacement and air filter replacement. We recommend this is performed every 24 months. If you are a high mileage customer, we would recommend this service is performed more frequently.


From £40

The first MOT test is required when your vehicle is 3 years old. All of our testers are UK Vehicle Inspectorate trained and we will only be using Renault genuine parts to carry out any necessary repair work.

Brake fluid change From £69 Brake Fluid provides a hydraulic link between the brake pedal and the brakes. Over time, brake fluid becomes contaminated with water and a severe contamination can lead to brake failure. Replacing the brake fluid at the recommended interval maintains the vehicle braking performance and extends the life of braking components
Coolant Change From £139 Replacing your coolant is important to ensure your engine does not freeze or overheat. Changing your coolant in line with the maintenance regime helps prevents breakdowns and improves vehicle efficiency.
Air Con Service From £69.99** Renault recommends a service of the Air Conditioning System every two years. The air con service is a thorough inspection of the air conditioning system, including a complete recharge of the air con gas and a cleanse of the evaporator


Cambelt Replacement From £199 

The cambelt keeps the engine running smoothly. It is essential that the cambelt is replaced at the recommended interval as a slipped or snapped belt can lead to complete engine failure.

Front Brake Pads From £109

Brake pads grip onto the brake discs to reduce vehicle speed. Over time, the brake pads are worn down and need replacing to ensure safety and maintain braking performance.

Front Brake Pads & Discs  From £209

Brake pads grip onto the brake discs to reduce vehicle speed. Over time, the brake pads are worn down and need replacing to ensure safety and maintain braking performance.

Replace Spark Plugs  From £59

The Spark Plug is connected to the ignition coil that generates the high voltage needed to spark the fuel and start your engine. Replacing your Spark Plugs when recommended improve vehicle efficiency and prevents breakdowns.

Replace Diesel Filter From £59

The primary purpose of the diesel filter is to protect the fuel system components in the engine by collecting small particulates and debris. Replacing the your diesel filter in line with the recommended guidelines ensures your Renault is working efficiently and prevents breakdowns.

Vehicle Health Check FREE

Free visual inspection of your vehicle to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.


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 Terms & Conditions

All prices quoted are manufacturer recommended retail prices including VAT at the prevailing rate. Prices may vary depending on model and servicing requirement. All prices are correct at time of publication and may be subject to change at any point without notice.

Additional parts may be required according to the maintenance programme (not included in stated price). Excludes V6 engines. Consult your Renault Dealer for the correct specification for your vehicle.

*Class 4 MOT excludes Northern Ireland and Class 7

** Price of £69.99 applies if using the old gas. If re-gas needed with the new gas POA.

Due to significant investment in Vehicle Sanitising, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related items for the safety of our Team Members, Customers, Suppliers and Contractors due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Platinum Group reserves the right to levy a Vehicle Sanitising & PPE charge on any vehicle visiting our workshops.


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